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Experience delicate taste of traditional Bratislava cuisine in historical centre of town. Seasonal vegetables and herbs, fresh fish
as well as meat from local farmers prepared in
a way of home-inspired cooking and following the latest gastronomy trends, create the essence of our À la carte.

About our

For decades, Savoy Café in a legendary Carlton building used to form an atmosphere of Bratislava. Nowadays, new Savoy Restaurant redefines the concept of traditional Slovak cuisine. Our À la carte prepared by the chef Jozef Riska offers exceptional meals combining the essence of old recipes and luxury of current culinary trends. The ambience of the place is highlighted by legendary photographs of 1950s-to-1970s Bratislava taken by famous
Slovak photographer Karol Kállay.

The best

from our fields, rivers, farms and woods
We guarantee our meals being prepared from fresh ingredients, quality herbs and spices, all supplied by verified providers.
That is the only way how to make the gourmet experience perfect.

For parents

Creamy patty pan squash soup
with fried seeds
Beef stroganoff with potato
puree and spring onion
Lemon cake with raspberries

For parents – Vegetarians

Tomato soup with grated cheese
Thick sauce made from patty
pan squash with fried zucchini
Lemon cake with raspberries

For children

Tomato soup with grated cheese
Tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes,
mini mozzarella balls and fresh basil
Lemon cake with raspberries

~ served in smaller portions ~

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